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Welcome to dgenious: "Let's talk retail" the podcast that shares advice and best practices from retail and franchising players.  Each episode is a conversation with an inspiring person who has succeeded in taking their business to the next level, or with an expert in one of the key areas of modern retail.

  • Have you launched a retail chain?
  • Are you a franchisor or franchisee?
  • You have a position of responsibility in a major retailer in its sector?
But above all, you have a modern retail vision, and you are not afraid of new ideas?  This podcast is for you!

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Christophe Gérard

#1 – Which KPIs can you immediately implement to boost your sales in 2021? , with Christophe Gérard

In this episode, Christophe Gérard, an undisputed expert in retail. Over 20 years ago, we started our professional career in the same legendary company: L'Oreal.

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Yves Colinet

#2 – Why you should adopt a modern, operational and accessible data strategy for your distribution network. , with Yves Colinet

You'll understand why every company needs to seize the digital transformation as soon as possible.

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Dennys Larrieu

#3 – The digital transformation operated by Jeff de Bruges and his network of 500 POS! What are the first results? , with Dennys Larrieu

In this episode, I welcome Dennys Larrieu, General Manager of Jeff de Bruges, to talk about retail and digital transformation.

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Albane Flamant

#4 – Use Social Listening to learn about your brand! , with Albane Flamant

For this fourth discussion around modern retail strategies, I'd like to listen to an amazing, brilliant, cutting-edge young woman and branding expert: Albane Flamant.

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Salvatore Iannello

#5 – How to turn your brand into a sustainable and profitable business? , with Salvatore Iannello

In this fifth episode, my guest is a passionate entrepreneur committed to making our world more sustainable and ethical.

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Alexis Descampe

#6 – As a niche retailer, how to succeed in the food retail sector? , with Alexis Descampe

Eating well and fairly: this is the credo that Alexis Descampe, co-founder and CEO at fä, proposes to us!

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Gaëlle Helsmoortel

Review#1 : Why is the digitization of your entire network fundamental? , with Gaëlle Helsmoortel

For this episode number 7, I offer you a slightly different format. This time, I am alone behind the microphone to share with you a review of the previous six episodes.

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Julie Saverys

#8 – How to make your physical POS network coexist with your e-commerce? , with Julie Saverys

☕️ Coffee and success stories lovers, this podcast is for you! For this episode 8, we're going to dive into the world of the coffee brand Nespresso to learn more about: "How to make your physical POS network coexist with your e-commerce?"

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Olivier Olbrechts

#9 – How do you start a chain of shops from scratch? , with Olivier Olbrechts

There was no better guest than Olivier Olbrechts to address this topic.Founder and director of the Mister Genius company since February 2005, he has set up several physical shops in Belgium and offers remote assistance to individuals and companies.

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Serge Ernst

#10 – How to successfully collaborate between IT and business departments in your retail chain? , with Serge Ernst

Until now, I have mainly invited and discussed with retail experts, such as marketers, salespeople, CEOs... I was particularly keen to hear an IT expert's voice, expertise, and opinion this time!

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Corinne Dumont

#11 – Growing your chain stores through the integration of external investors: a fatality? , with Corinne Dumont

In this episode #11, I have the chance to discuss with Corinne Dumont a subject that is not obvious and that we don't necessarily dare to talk about: the integration of external investors to ensure the growth of one's business!"

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Sébastien Chapalain

#12 – Does less predictable consumer behaviour impact the operational reality of a restaurant chain? , with Sébastien Chapalain

An analysis of our customers has shown that consumer behaviour is becoming less and less predictable. Various factors are behind this trend, such as the Covid crisis... But not only that!

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Didier Depreay

#13 – What are the main trends in franchising for 2022? , with Didier Depreay

In this episode, you will hear Didier Depreay: chairman of the European Franchise Federation since 2018.

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