They talk about us and our Dgenious product

Dgenious is a powerful solution for Jeff de Bruges.

We now spend more time analysing the data than we do editing it. This is a significant advantage!

Dgenious, used by the pharmaceutical sector!

A Belgian pharmaceutical group, which has been present for 25 years, called on our business intelligence solution to modernize and optimize its internal data acquisition and management work as much as possible.

ClassCroute and Covid19

Today, we are actively preparing to restart our activities, in close collaboration with our franchisees. dgenious has been a great help to us throughout this period.

A straight-through and fully automated process

Thanks to dgenious‘ ease of use and flexibility, we created the necessary reports, chose the method and frequency of sharing.


Before dgenious, Eldora’s difficulty was to collect data from servers across different locations.Their restaurants have a great demand for reporting! With dgenious these informations are now available.

Cécile Mandard

We created the reports for the supplier only once, and a dgenious task runs them every week and sends them to the supplier.

Jean-David Couderc

Internally, we were looking for a powerful and easy-to-use data management tool. A solution that allows the various Färm shops to consult their data quickly and at any time. I had been presented with several BI systems but none met my requirements. Then, finally, I have been seduced by the power of the dgenious solution