Have you already heard about the Eldora company?

Eldora is active in the field of community catering mainly focused on three strategic areas: education, companies, and EMS. 

The company offers daily personalized service to its customers in order to perfectly meet their expectations.

Eldora, in a few figures:

  • 260 restaurants in Switzerland,
  • 13 million meals served every year,
  • 200 databases,
  • 750 POS terminals. 

We invite you to discover their daily user experience of dgenious!

Why Eldora uses our solution?

Before dgenious, Eldora’s difficulty was to collect data from servers across different locations.

Their restaurants have a great demand for reporting! With dgenious these informations are now available.

According to Eldora, dgenious made it possible to collect data from 200 databases and 750 cash registers and consolidating them in their format

Is our dgenious solution intuitive?

Created for many users concurrently and securely dgenious doesn’t require an IT background. The cherry on the cake the system offers unlimited user seats.

The dgenious team took care of acquiring all data with their data acquisition robot that is extremely simple to install.

Is the company convinced by the use of dgenious?

The dgenious solution meets our requirements down to the last detail and allows us to adapt it to all our company’s specifics.

A key element in choosing dgenious was the scalable part of the software that allows our company to grow without limits.

Dgenious is an ideal partner, quick, who understands and reacts immediately. It’s just like we have an extra member in the team.