End of manual reporting

« Significant savings for the company and a gain in productivity for myself and my teams»

Cécile Mandard, CFO LPH

LPH is a multi-activity group. Present in Guadeloupe and Martinique, we have a wide range of activities: import export, ship supply, duty free shop and distribution on domestic markets, especially tobacco.

The issue

For our main supplier, we have to produce weekly and monthly reports in a prescribed format. These reports include:
– unit sales compared with supplier targets by week and month
– matrices of activity by week of the year
– trend and sales opportunity analysis 

The requested figures must be collected from 2 instances of the same ERP (SAP Business One) deployed on separate sites before being aggregated. Before dgenious, this data collection and aggregation process was long and tedious: SQL queries were manually executed on a weekly basis on each of the database servers, the data was then loaded into cubes and finally retrieved in huge Excel files that were sent to the vendor.

Today, the lives of my teams and myself have changed!

The solution

dgenious automatically synchronizes the 2 ERPs in real-time. We created the reports for the supplier only once, and a dgenious task runs them every week and sends them to the supplier. Also, a dgenious account has been created for the supplier so they can get these reports in real-time on demand!

We also use dgenious for real-time general reporting on combined ERPs: typically the usual management dashboards. 

The plasticity of dgenious also allows to duplicate these reports for other activities and each user only sees what his profile allows him: his activity, his region,… and thanks to the mobile application, our sales representatives have direct access, when and where they want, to their customer’s profile and sales statistics, in real-time.

Key takeaways

dgenious was very quick to implement while we suffered a lot in the ERP implementation. I have to say that the dgenious people are incredibly available and integrate our operating specificities with disconcerting ease. This implementation exercise not only allowed us to ask ourselves the right questions but also to note set up or input errors on our original ERP!


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