Bison ERP โ€“ Reduce unpaid invoices

Reduce unpaid invoices and the impact of out-of-stocks to increase your profitability

Our customer is a wine making and distribution company with โ‚ฌ20mio turnover, selling mainly to the hospitality industry. They use the Bison ERP to manage their financial and stock situation.

The issue

They are facing the toxic combination of:

โ€“ low margins,

โ€“ large orders,

โ€“ getting paid weeks after delivery and

โ€“ certain customers in a weak financial situation

with the consequence that customers defaulting on payments can have a large negative impact on the company profitability and must be avoided at all costs.

Another issue is that out-of-stocks products must be managed carefully as products cannot be re-stocked (wine production).

The solution

On the credit issue, dgenious is used by the accounting department to raise potential red flags at the earliest possible stage, by analyzing changing patterns of outstanding credit and customer orders.

It is also used by salespersons on the field, providing the most up-to-date information so they can have effective, to-the-point conversations with customers on the topic of financial hardship.

dgenious also helps manage out-of-stock products. While out on the field taking orders, salespersons have real-time information on stocks including the impact of orders taken by other salespersons just minutes before. They also have the full history of their customer (recent orders, preferred products, order pattern, payment history, deliveries in progress, โ€ฆ).

โ€œAll in all, significant savings for the company and closer monitoring of customers by sales staff.โ€

The cherry on the cake

Finally, when the company sees a product becoming unavailable, it uses dgenious to identify regular purchasers of this product so the limited remaining stock can be attributed to tier-1 customers while others can be pro-actively approached with a suitable replacement.


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