With dgenious ‘Tasks’, you can now send files to a sftp server.

This new feature completes dgenious’ wide range of options for producing and consuming data (front-end, mobile application, shares, downloads, emails and database export).

Example use cases for this new feature include:

  • sending customized files, for example to customers or suppliers. Excel or pdf files produced by dgenious and placed on a sftp server can then enter the physical or electronic mailing process.
  • publishing files on a sharepoint server or an intranet/internet site. The file can be a document that the site shows as is (e. g. a pdf), or a file that serves as an input to the site (e. g. a stock status in.csv format). A dgenious task can periodically produce the document(s) and put them in a dedicated directory on the sftp server to which the site will have access
  • the need to keep a periodic history of certain statements whether for business purposes (inventory statements, commissions, expense reports, etc.) or to comply with current legal provisions (statement of accounts, transactions, valuations, etc.). The reports produced by dgenious and sent to a sftp server can then be processed by the EDM (Electronic Document Management)

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